Website Design – Best Practices

Good websites have/are:
■ Mobile-Friendly (or even better: Mobile-First Design)
■ High-Quality Content: Text, Images, Voice
■ Intuitive Navigation & Flow (Proper UX & UI Design)
■ Quick Page Load: < 3 Seconds ■ Web Safe: SSL Enabled and Strong Internal Firewall ■ Operational Needs Focused (ie: Increase Revenue, Brand Awareness, Expand Online Presence, Increase Engagement, Reputation Management, etc..) ■ Search Engine Optimization Focused

Worldwide (1945 - 1986)

Willys CJ Series

“America’s greatest contribution to modern warfare.”

– General George Marshall

Originally introduced as the M170 military version in 1953, the civilian Jeep Willys model CJ6 made its debut in 1955.