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Esteemed members of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers connected with Inspirasï about the possibility to develop a fresh, new, fully responsive international website. While this yoga organization selected Inspirasï as a creative partner for its other individual locations, its existing international website wasn't yet communicating a clear, active, coherent message. It was outdated, difficult to navigate and often simply was in 'the state of construction' - and did not have the capacity to showcase the organization's large breadth of work. If they were going to take action, the design would need a complete overhaul. The project: create a fully responsive experience for the mobile-first generation that highlights all that the international organization, and all its locations, bring to the table; in turn, greatly leverage the opportunity for social sharing.

Mobile-First Design

Mobile-first design is great business strategy - put your best foot forward where the customer likes to search. Everywhere people go, so too go their phones. Mobile-first design is also efficient, allowing developers to tackle the most challenging design aspects upfront. Without specific attention to mobile from the beginning, the hand-held versions of a website typically feel "slightly off". At Inspirasï, we believe in delivering a fantastic experience on all devices - especially that of mobile, where the consumer turns to first.
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Built for SEO,

 Built for Results

Search engine optimization, making your website "GoogleReady", is crucial to a business' success - but many do not realize that SEO needs to be built into the web design process and not simply added in later. Perhaps you remember the idea of "keyword stuffing"? Well, Google has come a long way since the early days - and trying to "game it" is not really a great idea. Now more than ever, SEO is increasingly about providing an exceptional user experience. It is about treating both search engines and the user in the most effective way possible. Prioritizing business results, in addition to creating a beautiful website, is our focus from day one.

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